Ethereum Casinos

In recent times, several crypto online casinos have begun to spring up, with many specializing in Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. As the second most popular digital currency, it is no wonder that this is so. Also, many gamblers who are crypto enthusiasts as well, troop in to engage these Ethereum gambling sites.

They host the same conventional games as other casinos such as baccarat, slots, etc. Additionally, they offer interesting bonus offers and promotions to their customers. Ethereum casinos also offer their customers absolute control over their bankrolls by providing swift payments. Many other features are integrated into ETH casinos, which shall be discussed further.

In addition, it is important to carefully choose the right ETH gaming hub so as not to fall prey to scam sites. For this reason, we have compiled key details which every punter needs to know about Ethereum casinos. Let’s get right into it.


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How Does Ethereum Work?

Ethereum, otherwise known as ETH, is a decentralized, open-source blockchain having a smart contract functionality with ether as the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Among cryptocurrencies, ETH is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization, and it is so advanced that other digital coins run on its network.

ETH was first conceived in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin, and it works in a way that uses cryptography to secure and verify all transactions. What makes this coin unique from others is that it transcends beyond being just a store of value into a decentralized network that also runs other applications.

That said, we can now have a look at what Ethereum casinos really entail. ETH casinos are simply online gambling platforms running on the Ethereum network which offers numerous games and slots for players to enjoy. Popular games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, video poker, and others can be found on these sites. Moreover, punters who wish to take a virtual seat at live dealer tables are also included in the fun.

Additionally, these gambling sites, among others, also accept ETH as a payment option. This digital coin makes use of blockchain technology to offer a safe and anonymous means of making transactions.

What Is The Difference Between Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies?

A quick comparison between Ethereum gambling sites and other online crypto casinos reveals many similarities in their mode of operation. As a result, one may be tempted to ask, what is so different about ETH? Since many other different cryptocurrencies have the same features as Ethereum, what then is the edge it has over others?

The answer to these questions lies in the gradual development process of the coin itself. About a decade ago, this particular coin was considered worthless. However, fast-forward to almost two years ago when ETH exploded by nearly 800%, and we saw its value greatly multiply. Moreover, crypto analysts reveal that the value of this coin promises to keep rising.

Furthermore, unlike Bitcoin and other altcoins, Ethereum can be used to build applications that run on the blockchain. And it is this feature that makes it possible for gambling sites to operate on the ETH network. Below is a table depicting the differences between ETH and other cryptos.

Parameters Ethereum Other Сryptocurrencies
Transactions per second The ETH network has the capacity to handle up to 30 transactions per second Some cryptocurrencies on the other hand, like Bitcoin, can only handle an average of 7 transactions per second
Total market supply Ether coins are still very much in circulation and there is currently no limit on their yearly supply Similar to BTC, some other digital coins have a limited supply set by their developers
Network Ethereum is not only a medium of exchange. It is also a network on which other coins operate Besides ETH, most other coins run either on the Ethereum network or on the BNB algorithm

How To Buy Ethereum

When gambling at casinos that accept Ethereum, it is important to first have knowledge of how and where to buy the coin. Generally, there are several ways through which you can buy ETH, but here are some popular methods:

  • Exchanging Fiat Currency For ETH – Before buying ETH, you would need to first find a reputable crypto exchange platform. The popular ones to use include Binance, Coinbase, and eToro. You can then deposit into the exchange bank account in your local currency, known as fiat. Once that is done, you can proceed to swap this fiat for ETH, which you can then transfer to your wallet. Oftentimes, users are required to provide identification documents before their deposits can be processed.
  • Peer-to-peer Transfer – Alternatively, you can buy Ethereum by making use of the P2P option. This option connects you with other crypto vendors looking to sell ETH, while the broker acts as an escrow. Here, what happens is that the buyer transfers fiat currency to the vendor, while the seller transfers the equivalent amount in Ethereum. Usually, the exchange rates vary from one vendor to another, so pick the one most suitable for you.
  • Ethereum Mining – This is another means through which users can get Ethereum. With this method, you are not buying the coin, you are simply carrying out simple tasks that reward you with ETH. This method usually involves a mining application and your wallet address. To “mine” this coin, you simply click a button on the mining app, and it automatically begins mining. Once completed, you can withdraw your rewards into your crypto wallet.
  • ATMs – This is one of the fastest and easiest ways of buying Ethereum. All the buyer needs to do is use his credit/debit card at the nearest crypto ATM. Then input the amount he wishes to buy and also the destination wallet address. The money will be deducted from his bank account immediately and the ETH credited to his wallet address.

How To Deposit In Online Casinos Using Ethereum

Once you’ve set up an ETH wallet through which you can execute crypto transfers, making a deposit is very straightforward. Although the exact process may vary, here’s a general step-by-step guide to depositing Ethereum on a gambling platform.

  • Register and log into your ETH casino account. Once this is done, you can proceed to deposit into your gambling account
  • Head to the cashier section on the homepage and select “Deposit”
  • On the next page, choose Ethereum as the payment option and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • A pop-up will display the casino’s wallet address and QR code. Copy the address and paste it into the space provided on your broker’s deposit page. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code to ensure you make no mistake when transferring the funds.

When copying the Ethereum wallet address, double-check to ensure you copied it correctly, so your funds will not end up in the wrong account. Once you are done with the transaction, head back to the casino’s website and confirm that you have completed the deposit. Immediately after your deposit is processed, it will instantly reflect in your gambling account. You can then proceed to enjoy a wonderful gaming adventure.

If you are familiar with bitcoin cash casinos, then dealing with this cryptocurrency will be no problem.

How We Rate Ethereum Casinos

In the research done for these Ethereum casinos review, several factors were taken into consideration. These criteria are crucial in evaluating the best online casinos that accept Ethereum. Some factors considered are as follows:

  • Licensing And Regulation – One important factor to look out for in gambling platforms that accept this digital currency is their license. This is because a casino’s license speaks a lot about its legitimacy and its safety. Casino licenses are usually issued by government agencies and gambling commissions in charge of testing all gambling websites.
  • Bonuses And Promotions – Another crucial criterion is the bonus offers and promos that the site provides. The more enticing the offers, the more fun players have.
  • User Interface – Also, a gaming hub should have an interface that is very friendly to users and also easy to navigate. This means that the site must be simple, with every game and feature easily accessible.
  • Variety of Casino Games And Software – One other important feature we looked out for is the availability of top-quality games. We also checked out the software developers in charge of providing these games. Players can rest assured that the games available on these gambling sites are provided by some of the best developers in the industry.
  • Customer Support – No online gaming center is complete without its customer support. This is because when customers have complaints or questions, their go-to is the customer service team. As such, we have provided you with the best crypto casinos equipped with 24/7 customer service.
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals – We also made sure that these gambling platforms feature a wide range of banking methods. These options also offer swift and timely processing of funds along with maximum security.
  • Security and Trust – When gambling at online casinos, any punter would want to be sure that his/her details are kept safe. And this is why all these websites protect their customers’ information using 128-bit encryption. Moreover, they have strict privacy policies, restricting unauthorized sharing of information with third parties. With all these safety measures, players can rest assured that their personal details cannot be accessed by hackers.
  • Mobile Gambling – Gambling has been made easy with the ability to readily access your favorite games from your mobile devices. With this feature, punters are no longer restricted only to gambling on computers. Additionally, some sites go on to provide mobile apps for a more exciting environment. And with this, gaming on the go has been made very much easier.

Popular Ethereum Games

For gamblers who are also crypto enthusiasts, there are a wide variety of games to play at online casinos accepting ETH. Popular games include poker, roulette, blackjack, dice, and others. These games are provided by the best software designers in the gambling industry. Hence, punters are sure to enjoy exhilarating games at Ethereum casinos.

Moreover, some of these games have bonuses and promos peculiar to them. And with this, you can easily enjoy your favorite casino games while staking the bare minimum. Below is a more detailed outlook on the games popular at ETH casinos.

The popularity of games often depends on the region, for example in bitcoin casinos in Australia, the games may be slightly different.

Ethereum Poker

Among the many games available on the best Ethereum gambling sites, poker is one of the most popular. This game has been in existence for a long time and, as such, has many variations to it. Generally, however, it is a card game involving a single pack of cards, but sometimes it can be played using two packs of different colors.

Also, these many variations make it exhilarating to play at online gambling sites. Many online casinos allow gamblers to place wagers on this game using ether coins. This is due to the fact that Ethereum transactions are simple, thereby, making poker more exciting.

Furthermore, at the top Ethereum online casinos, this game is designed by leading software developers like BGaming. Hence, gamblers have the promise of an intriguing gambling experience.

Ethereum Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most sought-after games on online gambling platforms that accept this digital coin. It is a game with many variants, made available on several casino sites. Some of the popular blackjack versions are American, European, Blackjack Switch, etc.

This game is usually provided by the top software providers in the gambling industry. These developers include Microgaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Novomatic, and many more. This way, players are assured of a top-notch gambling experience.

Furthermore, this game has a little house edge of about 0.05%. This implies that gamblers have a high chance of winning when playing blackjack. As a result, it is often played by punters who are just getting acquainted with the gambling world.

Ethereum Dice

Several gaming hubs operating on the ETH blockchain make it possible for their customers to play dice games on the internet. These dice games are very popular because they allow players to set their own odds. Due to this, gamblers can adjust their price percentages to be as low as 1% or as high as 98%. The extent to which you can change the price percentage is dependent on the site’s unique web-based UI.

Players who engage in this game of dice usually get a minimum wager of 0.1 ETH. Dice games are easy to play, but they rely greatly on luck. Gamblers looking to enjoy a fast-paced and thrilling experience frequently engage in this game.

Ethereum Slots

Arguably the most popular casino game, slots are widely available in every online casino. Now, Ethereum slots refer to slot machines that make use of the ETH blockchain to bet and operate. Thus, instead of fiat currencies, ETH slot gamblers can execute transactions via this digital coin.

Punters who frequent slot games enjoy many benefits, one of which is free spins. Free spins are a form of bonus offer especially exclusive to slots. With these free spins, bettors get the chance to play various slots while staking the bare minimum.

Generally, slots from the top software developers allow for ETH gambling. This implies that while playing the best slots, users also get to enjoy simple and swift payouts.

Ethereum Lottery

A lottery is simply a game of chance with low odds that involves a random selection of winners. It is a popular form of gambling that allows gamblers to use little amounts of money to win huge cash prizes. Lotteries are legitimate and some of them are recognized by the government.

With the ETH lottery, there is a little twist to it. This twist is that instead of getting the winnings in cash prizes, winners get them in ether coins. ETH lottery is currently not so popular, but we hope to see more lottery stalls accommodate lotteries involving this digital coin.

Ethereum Roulette

Roulette is another universally popular game that depends greatly on chance. Just like Blackjack, it has various versions hosted on Ethereum casinos, including American and European. Although it is a game relying on chance, it has a low house edge. This means that the probability of winning while playing roulette games is very high.

In addition to this, some Ethereum casino sites offer specific bonuses unique to ETH roulette. This could include jackpot prizes for getting particular results, special promos, etc. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that many gamblers troop in to play this game.

Ethereum Betting

Similar to casinos accepting Ethereum, ETH betting sites are becoming ever more popular than before. This is due to several reasons, majoring in the fact that this mode of payment has several benefits. As a result, gamblers more inclined to sports betting now have easy access to bet on their favorite sports events.

As opposed to other forms of payment like E-wallets and bank transfers, Ethereum payments assure utmost privacy. This means that you do not have to provide your personal information or proof of identity to effect any transactions. Also, speed of transfer and maximum security are other ways ETH bookies trump other bookmakers.

Additionally, bookies that accept this digital coin as a means of payment dish out enticing bonus offers and promos to their customers. These bonuses usually include welcome offers, weekly promos, and many others. You just have to find the right pick that offers various eye-catching bonuses. Also, when claiming these bonuses, it is important to note the terms and conditions that apply to them.

Now to the crux of sports betting, ETH betting sites provide a wide variety of events for their users to bet on. The common sports events bettors can expect to find are soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and several others. With all these features, punters can rest assured that they would enjoy an exciting gaming experience at Ethereum betting platforms.

Ethereum Bonuses And Promotions

The best Ethereum gambling sites provide a vast variety of welcome bonus offers along with many mouth-watering promos. These welcome bonuses are often used as a ploy to attract new players to sign up on the sites. Also, they usually come in the form of a 100% match deposit bonus or a bonus offer that doubles your first pay-in. For example, a first deposit of 0.5 ETH would get you an additional 0.5 ETH, leaving your Ethereum casino account balance as 1.0 Ethereum.

Also, older customers are not left out of the fun. Some other casinos go on to include special promotions for both new and existing members. Additionally, reload bonuses and VIP or loyalty programs are another means through which casinos reward their members for using their platforms. These loyalty programs are most times based on the accumulation of points. That is, the players collect points which they can use to redeem higher levels of VIP prizes.

However, important to note is that these bonus offers and promos usually come with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are simply conditions that gamblers must fulfill before they can cash out their earnings. They are usually in multiples of the bonus money such as 10x, 20x, 25x, etc. Other conditions attached to bonuses include time duration, minimum deposits, and others. For this reason, gamers must ensure they read through the terms of use for each bonus before claiming it.

There are various types of Ethereum casino bonuses, and they are as follows.

Welcome Bonus

Usually, whenever punters register newly at an online casino, the first thing they come across is a welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are usually given out as an incentive to sign up on gambling platforms. These welcome offers are a form of deposit bonus that multiplies the initial amount deposited by a certain percentage. They cannot be withdrawn, but can only be used to play casino games.

Oftentimes, the most common welcome bonus percentage awarded to new customers is 100%. However, some Ethereum online casinos give out as much as 500% match deposit bonuses. These offers ensure that gamblers get extra funds to play their favorite games at these gaming hubs. They help tip the balances in your favor, thereby increasing your chances of success while gaming.

Lastly, welcome bonuses have specific requirements that must be met. These conditions must be fulfilled before the bonus money can be converted to real money that can be withdrawn.

No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is an offer that players get which does not require a qualifying deposit. All you need to be eligible for this offer is to register an account and then claim the bonus. Many gamblers prefer Ethereum online casinos offering this type of bonus because it means they do not have to risk real money when playing.

There are various forms of this type of bonus. The first involves free cash, which you can stake on casino games. Here, players are given free cash, about $5 to $10, that can only be used to play but cannot be withdrawn. Punters can then proceed to use this bonus money to play all types of games including poker, slots, card games, etc.

Another form of no-deposit offer is the one that involves no wagering. With this, players have no conditions that they must fulfill before withdrawing their earnings. It is the best bonus combo and as such, it is no wonder that many opt for this offer instead.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are also a kind of no-deposit bonus because you are risking none of your money to play and win real money. They are generally given to new users that create an account at a gambling site. Free spins sometimes come as stand-alone bonuses, or they could otherwise come alongside a deposit bonus.

One major feature of free spins is that they can only be used to play slot games. Moreover, these free spins are sometimes exclusive to specific slots and in some cases, slots from particular developers. That is, they can only be redeemed while playing specific games from specific software providers.

In addition, wagering requirements sometimes accompany these free spins. The best Ethereum casino sites usually offer player-friendly requirements, whereas some others are much more in favor of the house. Ensure you check out the accompanying conditions before claiming the free spins and be sure to understand how they work.

Casinos With Faucet

This type of bonus and promo is unique to casinos accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. A free faucet basically means little amounts of ETH that are given as rewards for completing simple tasks. The bonus can then be used to try out casino games for free.

Also, just as in the natural sense of the word, these rewards are very minute, just like droplets of water coming from a leaky faucet. The amount of crypto awarded is usually dependent on the site and also the type of task carried out. Some of the tasks may include email verification, two-factor authentication, etc.

Additionally, this bonus type requires no qualifying deposits and has no corresponding wagering, so players can easily claim it. Not all online gambling platforms offer this bonus, but gamers can expect to find it at the top Ethereum casinos.

Best Ethereum Gambling Sites

There are several benefits to using Ethereum gambling sites, and there are also a few demerits. However, the good greatly outweighs the bad. Let’s have a look at these pros and cons.


  • Fast Payouts – Compared to alternative payment methods where punters have to wait about three to five days, this option offers faster payments. When withdrawing with this cryptocurrency, gamers can expect their funds within a few minutes to an hour.

  • Transparency – Since you can check through your transaction history on the blockchain ledger, you can easily track your spending. This way, you can easily hold your casino accountable for any discrepancies found in your transaction record.

  • Anonymity – Another major benefit of payments using this digital coin is that it offers complete anonymity. This means that punters get the chance to separate their personal lives from their gambling activities, since the crypto network requires no private info.


  • ❌ The main demerit of ETH transactions is that any money lost due to mistakes when copying the wallet address cannot be regained back. This is because transactions involving cryptocurrencies are absolutely untraceable. Hence, you should be very careful when copying the wallet address or better still scan the QR code instead.

Final Thoughts

After all is said and done, Ethereum gambling sites have a lot to offer gamblers. Ranging from appealing bonuses to swift transactions to exciting games, there’s a lot for punters to enjoy. We recommend that you sign up and have a taste of the many goodies available on these gaming hubs.


Are Ethereum casinos legal?
While many Ethereum casinos are legal, a few are not. To determine the legitimacy of any Ethereum gambling site, check out its license. Depending on the region in which they operate, any casino regulated by the corresponding gaming commission is considered legal and trustworthy.
Can I play completely anonymously with Ethereum?
It may be impossible to play anonymously at some online gambling hubs due to a KYC verification requirement. However, players at Ethereum casinos enjoy absolute financial anonymity at these sites. Any transactions done via ETH are encrypted using decentralized networks, and so they cannot be monitored by third parties.
What are the commissions when using Ethereum for gambling?
Using this payment method is usually free from any fee charged as commission. Gambling using Ethereum is void of any external fees, unlike some other payment options.
How long does it take to deposit Ethereum?
While other payment methods could take up to a week to process deposits, deposits done with ETH are usually instant. Once you make the transfer, it instantly gets reflected in your gambling account.
What are the benefits of using cryptocurrency casino sites?
The benefits of using cryptocurrency are many, but the most important ones include top-notch security, quick deposits and withdrawals, and financial anonymity.
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