NZ Bitcoin Casinos

First, let’s talk about New Zealand. The landscape is straight out of the movies, and anyone who likes being in nature would find it relaxing here. Add the country’s liberal approach to gambling, and you have the perfect tourist destination for relaxing and gaming. If you cannot go to land-based casinos, there are numerous online casinos that accept bitcoin and NZD, so you are covered either way.

Now, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: the last few months have been tumultuous for crypto traders, but that hasn’t changed their perception of the currency. Most users are aware of its speculative nature and expect sudden upheavals now and then, so there is still enough action at any Bitcoin casino New Zealand today.

We look at the best bitcoin casino online websites in the country that you want to check out immediately if you are a fan of this virtual currency.


How Does Bitcoin Work?

When Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC, they intended to make it easy for people to transact and work with money limitless and, in the process, get rid of the restrictive methods banks apply to fiat currency. The idea was to introduce blockchain, a technology that records everything on the cloud for tracing while leaving out details that could identify the user. The system was so effective that the world has now found several new uses for it, especially for areas that need high-level security. It took some time for the world to accept BTC for transactional purposes, mainly due to its volatility, but things have been changing slowly as it becomes clear this currency is here to stay.

BTC is a peer-to-peer payment system fully made online, so users never have to walk into a bank to make transactions. One needs to open a digital wallet, get a unique key to allow them to transact, and all the payments are made without a centralized figure looking over or vetting the process. The transaction will register in the public ledger with a unique tracking number that you can use to track that transaction. This virtual currency is mined, and people can buy it from exchanges using fiat currency the way you would trade other foreign currencies. It is highly speculative but also built on the most secure platform there is today. The coins in your wallet are safe if you do not share your key or leave it unattended.

Bitcoin online casino sites are not so different from fiat money ones as the methods of depositing and withdrawal are the same. The main difference is usually in the time taken for withdrawals to be activated and the amount you can withdraw at a go. All the casinos New Zealand that accept this currency have their unique withdrawal and deposit limits, but the time taken for withdrawals to be completed is relatively the same: 12 hours. New Zealand has some of the best online casino sites, thanks to the warm reception by locals.

How to Get Your First Bitcoin

You can mine BTC for personal use and trading if you have high-powered computers and the know-how. If not, you want to check out the local and international exchanges to use at bitcoin casino sites. First, you will need a digital wallet that you can register with some personal details. You will get a unique key that acts as your PIN. The usual security measures apply: do not share it with anyone or log into your account in public places if you leave it on for the next user to access. This key will give you access to your account and enable you to make transactions at a bitcoin casino NZ. Once you get the coins into your wallet from the exchange, you can transfer them to your casino account.

As you do with shares or foreign currency, you need fiat currency to get BTC and other crypto coins. The value will depend on how the coins are doing on the market. Crypto is on a downward spiral at the moment, and intelligent users are buying as much of it as possible to take advantage of the bear run before it becomes bullish again, as is now known of this virtual currency.

You just need to search the web for online casinos that accept BTC, and there are quite many here in New Zealand. Whether you want to use yours at an online bitcoin casino or trade it for capital gain, you will be happy to know your coins are safe in your digital wallet for as long as you keep them. There are ATMs, too, where you can anonymously get your BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

How We Rate Casinos with Bitcoin Deposit

We usually look at a few factors to determine how safe an online casino that accepts BTC and other crypto is to play at before recommending it to our audience. Here are some of our non-negotiables.


Any online casino with the intention of attracting players from all over the world will be licensed by any of the known authorities well-known in the world. We have the Great Britain Gaming Commission, Malta, and Alderney that have strict expectations of casinos. Sites have to follow a strict set of rules to have their licenses renewed, so you know you are in good hands if any of these licensors regulates your selected casino. Why do casino licenses matter? Because the rules set the pace for how the site treats your money, your personal information, and the games they have on their portfolio. While looking at licenses, we also look at the sites that audit their games for fairness.

Variety of Games

A good casino for bitcoin will have games for all levels of players. Slots are the most popular at all casinos in the world, so we like sites with as many themed slots as possible to entertain and give players winning options. Regular and progressive jackpot slots are a great way to keep players invested and motivated. Table games are yet another way to onboard seasoned players as they have better RTPs than any other game. The usual options are blackjack, bitcoin live baccarat, roulette, poker, and Sic Bo, among others. Live games are also ideal for seasoned players as they give them the thrill of gambling at land-based casinos. Our preferred online casino for gaming has demos for players that want to try out their skills before moving to real money gambling.

Software Providers

There are several providers that work with a casino that accepts bitcoin, but our concern is the reputation. It needs to have a stellar reputation for its games – variety, entertainment value, and fairness through game audits. Some of the best in the business are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and Betsoft. These providers are usually licensed and regulated by the same companies that work with casinos, and the numbers are available on their sites for verification.

Other Banking Options

Although we are all about casinos that accept cryptocurrency, we acknowledge that some people may prefer to use fiat currency. We like sites that give players all the options available for the country, and in NZ, that would be regular bank cards and several digital payment platforms. We have PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, and EcoPayz, among others. We also prefer sites that accept the NZD, so players don’t have to worry about exchanging the currency in their bank accounts.


Why should a casino’s security matter? You will be asked to share personal details when registering an account, which needs to be in safe hands. Licenses are one way to ensure your details are secure, as casinos are obliged to take good care of this information and only use it per the terms and conditions. One of the ways casinos keep user information safe is through end-to-end encryption. Other details we look at include language of instructions at the site, customer support, the site’s ease of use, and overall ratings from other users.

Good Support System

Solid casino sites New Zealand have FAQs to answer the most common questions and enough communication channels to answer random ones that users will have from time to time. Live chat, email, and toll-free numbers are some of the most common methods.


Even though they are one of the oldest market share acquisition strategies, bonuses and offers have always worked, so smart casinos use them to bring in new blood. We prefer sites that roll out specific offers on specific games or specially for depositing using BTC.

Features of Bitcoin Casinos for NZ Players

These are some of the expected features of BTC sites New Zealand.

No Middle Man

Since there are no central banks to interfere and watch over them, the fees are way lower than what you will ever get from a commercial bank. The transfers are also quite fast. Thanks to the lack of regulation, this currency can be used everywhere in the world.

Instant Transfers

When you deposit using BTC, you get immediate feedback on the transaction’s success and can start playing at once. Cashing out is just as flawless as the system does not have as many as those of traditional banks. Since no central banks determine cash movement from one institution to the other, cash-out is faster. Like with casinos that only accept fiat currency, your cash-out request will go through the usual process of ensuring you have met all wagering requirements. This process usually takes about 12 hours, after which your account gets a credit.

Anonymity and Security

Players that use BTC know they are not tied to a central banking authority, and their banking details are not exposed to fraudsters. They also know their gambling activity is under wraps because it will not show in their bank statements.

Prices are Constantly Changing

BTC is volatile, so the price today will not be the same as tomorrow. You will want to factor this in when working with these coins, as you may have more or less to work with depending on the current movement on the market. Even the best bitcoin casinos cannot protect you from these price shifts as the movements are purely related to market forces.

Deposit to Casino with Bitcoin

When depositing at bitcoin gambling sites, a few things will be needed.
First, you will need to have the BTC in your wallet to send it to an online casino bitcoin casino site. Then, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register an account with one of the many bitcoin casinos NZ available to you.
  • Step 2: Transfer the crypto to your BTC address. This step applies whether you use BTC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Money, or any other accepted cryptocurrency.
  • Step 3: Look for the deposit button on the homepage and select your preferred cryptocurrency from the many available on the site.
  • Step 4: There is a BTC address provided that you will copy and paste into your digital wallet, and through the pop-up window that follows, give the required access details, amount to deposit, and wait for the casino to get back to you.

Deposits are effected instantly, so you should get a message telling you slots and other games are at your disposal. Look out for bonuses and offers that could be made specifically for users choosing cryptocurrency as their preferred mode of deposit. Note that some casinos do not give notifications of accepted deposits, but your money will reflect on your gambling account, giving you the green light to gamble.

Withdrawals from Bitcoin Casinos

An online casino withdraw isn’t complicated. Here’s the simple process in steps:

  • Step 1: Ensure you have complied with all the requirements of your best bitcoin online site, including the wagering requirement and minimum withdrawal amount.
  • Step 2: Choose BTC as your preferred casino withdraw bitcoin method at the cashier corner.
  • Step 3: Add all the details that the pop-up window has, such as the amount that will have to agree with what the casino has set in its conditions.
  • Step 4: Finalize the password details and wait for the period you will be asked for the transaction to be processed.

When cashing out from bitcoin online casinos, you have options to keep the money in that form in your digital wallet or exchange it for your preferred traditional currency. There are BTC ATMs if you want your winnings in virtual currency.

Commissions and Timings

All reliable bitcoin casinos have top-tier bonuses to keep the players interested. The lack of commissions or fees when transacting at bitcoin gambling casinos is even more exciting. Deposits are free and instant, while withdrawals are processed quite fast. This is very convenient when you play for big money in bitcoin VIP casino. The only charge you will encounter is the exchange fee between 0.8% and 1% when converting your coins to fiat currency. This is the cheapest offer a gambler can get where cash-out is concerned, and it helps that these happen within a safe platform.

Since there are no intermediaries, deposits, and withdrawals are quite fast. The only time you have to wait is during cash-out as the casino checks all your details and whether you have met all the set requirements. The wait period is usually standard across board and once that’s done, you will receive your withdrawal. Deposits reflect immediately sine they do not need to go through processes.

Bitcoin Mobile Casinos for Kiwis

Mobile gaming has become one of the most important adaptations of the industry as it allows players to access these games from wherever. The onus is on the game developer to ensure their products are mobile compatible to be played from smaller screens. In the mobile category, you are looking at iPads, smartphones, and Tablets. Several casino sites that want to attract players are now developing apps that players can download to play even when offline. This responsive design of games makes them easy to access on all platforms.

Players want to have the same features regardless of the platform they access these games. From the background music to graphics and colors, they want everything to have the same feel, and developers have found ways to make all these possible.

Games in BTC Casinos

The game portfolio is one of the main attractions of any casino as players want to win as well as be entertained. We choose online casino slots, table games, bitcoin online pokies, and as many options of specialty games as we can get. We also like bitcoin casino live gaming sessions to spice up a portfolio because seasoned players like them. Casinos understand that they attract different levels of players, so they have demos for newbies and those that don’t want to play for real money just yet.

Here are more details on games you can expect from BTC gambling sites.

Bitcoin Pokies

Slots are some of the most popular at any casino you walk into, and you can play slots best bitcoin in New Zealand after funding your casino account. The best online slots best are from some of the biggest names in casino game development that we have already covered in this review.

How do you play slots at a BTC casino? The same way you do on regular sites where you simply need to load up your gaming account with your chosen cryptocurrency and select the games with themes that appeal to you. Most of these sites have free demos for practice before you leap in for real money gaming. You may want to look out for free spins that are usually offered to players that want to make the most of their slots gaming. Usually, you do not need to wager too much money to play slots, so your BTC will last a good while.

Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is the same with BTC as it is with fiat money. First is the board with 36 numbers, one 0, and two in the American variation. The plan is to select the numbers where the wheel will stop when spun, so we can confidently say this is a game of chance.

Once you have selected a table – even when playing online – you will settle down and place your bets. You get to spin the wheel when you play online, but a dealer will do it for you if you are at a bitcoin live casino. The process takes several seconds, and the winners and losers are declared when the wheel settles. You may be tempted to look at the previous winning numbers shown on the board when a game starts, but that won’t help much because the odds of repetition are slim. There is no roulette strategy, which makes it ideal for beginners and seasoned players.

Bitcoin Blackjack

This game requires strategy and is one of the most exciting table games, which explains why it is so popular online and at any casino live casino. The plan is to beat the banker by getting to 21 or as close as you can before they do. You lose if you exceed the number or the banker gets there before you.
You have 52 cards in a deck, each with its unique value. Cards 2 through 10 are face value cards, J, Q, and K are each a 10, and Ace can either be 1 or 11. The most common table layout is 5 players, where you place your wagers at the beginning and are dealt your cards from the get-go 2 cards, face-up, per player, while the dealer has one face up and one down. You can exchange them if they do not please you from the stack on the table before the game begins. Almost all BTC casinos in NZ have this option on their portfolio.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Players like freebies because they stretch the dollar, so any new online bitcoin casino knows where to start when trying to sign up new players. There are several ways to reward players, from welcome bonuses to loyalty programs where they can redeem points with the casino’s permission.

These are the most common bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Free spins
  • Loyalty programs
  • Deposit and no deposit offers

Welcome Bonus

A bitcoin welcome bonus is given to new players when they sign up for the first time, and it is important because it attracts players to the site. The best bitcoin welcome offer is explained thoroughly to avoid any unnecessary confusion. For instance, a 100% offer on a deposit means that the casino will match your BTC by 100%, giving you double your deposit to work with when you start playing.

This offer is only made once, so you want to look out for it when you sign up for an account. You will be asked to accept it when you register an account, but there are terms and conditions governing it. Before taking this offer, read those terms to be sure they suit you because some requirements can be too hard to meet.

Most welcome bonuses are tied to deposits – first, second, up to the fifth in some cases. This means you have to deposit BTC in your account first before you can jump on the offer. The most common wagering condition is to play a number of times before the bonus is available for withdrawal.

No Deposit Bonus

This offer is rare these days, but you still get it at some casinos. It is as simple as it sounds – you will be rewarded for registering an account without depositing any BTC. The risk is removed to give a player who has probably never played at casinos the chance to see how it goes without the fear of losing any money. As expected, these offers are few and far between, so you want to grab one when you see it. They are also governed by sets of rules, such as wagering requirements, so you want to internalize those before getting in on the deal.

Most sites for bitcoin bonus will give you a unique code that you need to enter in some space to activate the bonus. Once that is done, you are free to play with the casino’s money and withdraw any resulting winnings when you meet the set requirements.

Free Spins Bonus

These are given for games that require spinning, such as slots and roulette. The main difference between these are the other bonuses is that free spins are available to new and existing players. A casino may use these spins to introduce a new slot to the players or reward those who log in consistently. They are also the go-to freebie during special occasions like a player’s anniversary or a holiday. They are governed by some simple wagering rules mentioned on the offer page.

Casinos with Faucet

Faucets are rewards that people get for completing small and easy tasks. They are referred to as so because the rewards are pretty small, but they still make a good way of earning your BTC or other cryptos if you are new to this world.

You can get these small amounts of coins – like 0.00000001฿ per task – when you play at bitcoin for online casinos with these offers. The tasks could include watching videos, giving feedback on some items online, or working with casinos that have such offers in the case of gambling.

While faucets worked with other areas, it was quite some task to integrate them into gambling, but it finally worked. Now, several international casino sites have this option. The terms will be clear, and the faucets will be integrated into the site, so you don’t have to go to a different website to earn your reward.

Crypto Casino Experience in NZ

Although BTC is the first and most popular cryptocurrency, there are others regarded just as strong: Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. These coins have followed in the footsteps of BTC, but they have also found ways to stand out. They all have a few things in common: they are speculative for now, can be mined, and are all virtual, but backed up with blockchain technology.

Gamblers in New Zealand have the pleasure of working with all these currencies should they choose because almost every casino that accepts BTC also accepts these other three. They are secure, anonymous, and many gambling sites accept them as their preferred currency after fiat money since a growing chunk of countries in the world is open to using cryptocurrency.

Casino of the Day
18 + | New Players Only - T&C Apply
Cryptos accepted
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Tether (USDT)
Welcome bonus
100% up to 1 BTC + 200 FS
  • Great welcome bonus
  • VIP club available
BetChain, one of the pioneers of the Cryptocurrency casino world, offers a mature and sophisticated platform for players looking to enjoy an amazing array of games, in fact over 2,900 of them worldwide. BetChain also adds new games on a regular basis and you can find out about them on their Games page.


Why are Bitcoin Casinos Gaining Popularity in NZ?
These casinos have fast cash-in and out, and there are no charges on withdrawal. Also, because of the safety measures taken to ensure your virtual money is safe. Blockchain records all transactions to ensure there is a trail with unique identifiers that will not reveal who you are directly. These records can never be altered.
Are Bitcoin Casinos Legit?
Yes, they are regulated by the same authorities that regulate fiat money casinos, and the games are provided by the same companies that work with all the big casinos. Currently, most of the largest international casinos accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
Is Bitcoin safe to use for Kiwis?
Yes, because they will not lose their money while playing at regulated casinos. BTC is safe to use all over the world, too, so Kiwis can withdraw their winnings anytime and from anywhere.
What are the most popular cryptos for online gambling?
At the top is Bitcoin, and the forks aligned to it because it was the first-ever virtual currency introduced to the world. The others well-known and loved are Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.
Can I Use Bitcoin with Any Other Forms of Online Gambling?
Yes, you can access live casino online gambling, use it on slots, table games, and just about every other online gambling form if the casino with bitcoin has lined it up as one of its options.
Do All NZ Casinos Support Bitcoin and Crypto?
Not all online casinos accept this form of payment, but a good number do. If you don’t find it as one of the options but still like the casino, look for other fiat money options.

Casino of the month
18 + | New Players Only - T&C Apply
Cryptos accepted
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Tether (USDT)
Welcome bonus
100% up to 1 BTC + 200 FS
  • Great welcome bonus
  • VIP club available
  • Great welcome bonus
  • VIP club available
BetChain, one of the pioneers of the Cryptocurrency casino world, offers a mature and sophisticated platform for players looking to enjoy an amazing array of games, in fact over 2,900 of them worldwide. BetChain also adds new games on a regular basis and you can find out about them on their Games page.