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About Paxos Standart (USDP)

Digital currencies are on the horizon, creating new opportunities for a wide range of products using blockchain technology. In the world of highly volatile cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins provide the relief of countering volatility.

Pax dollar is a fiat-collateralized Stablecoin; it is less prone to volatility than other stable assets. These coins are peggable to fiat money or cryptocurrency; for more real-case scenarios, they are tradable as commodities.

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The Paxos Standart price also provides transaction flexibility at lessened cost risk. USDP (a Pax dollar token) is furnished as fungible tokens on Ethereum Blockchain using the ERC-20 Standart to ensure the minimum volatility. These tokens are backed by the dollars (Fiat currency) at Paxos-owned bank accounts in the US.

How Does Paxos Standart Work?

Paxos dollar or USDP is a digital currency backed by the fiat currency (dollar) in a 1:1 ratio; in simpler words, it is worth a dollar or equal value in cash, and one can redeem or exchange their Paxos Standart price USD for US dollars. The conversion of Paxos Standart to USD will be helpful here. When a certain USDP is exchanged, they are immediately taken off the supply; in more technical terms, a USDP token only exists when backed or leveraged by the corresponding dollars.

As USDP uses the ERC-20 Standart of the Ethereum blockchain, they are compatible with most Ethereum-enabled exchanges and wallets, enabling the viewing and exchanging of USDP. Initially, the price of Paxos Standart is issued by Paxos, which also issues the tokens and their redemption or exchange to USDP; further transactions are operated with ERC-20-enabled smart contracts.

You can get your USDP tokens stock by depositing your dollars (fiat currency); once created, you can use them to exchange, transfer or transact. But you may face delays while moving your digital assets for fiat because of delays prevalent in the old banking system.

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How to Buy Paxos Standart (USDP)?

There are several options for buying from multiple partnered and collaborated exchanges at the current Paxos Standart price. You can exchange tokens using their official website’s live price or Paxos Standart price today.

Here is a simple brief on how you can tokenize your USD to all time high PAX (USDP).

  • You send a certain worth of USD to the token issuer’s bank account.
  • The issuer creates an equivalent amount of tokens you deposited in the issuer’s bank account using the PAX smart contract.
  • After mining, the newly minted PAX tokens are delivered to you against the bank account’s money.


How Can I Use Paxos Standart?
You can use your digital currency to buy other cryptocurrencies, or you can redeem your currency using, as each Pax is equivalent to a dollar; once you redeem, the token will be burned immediately and is no longer live for circulation.
Where Can I Buy Paxos Standart?
You can buy the currency from, the official site where every USDP token can be purchased or redeemed, or you can also buy it directly from different exchanges. When buying the currency, check the price history and compare it to the price now to get a better idea about the rise or fall in the coin’s value. Also, you can check the stock chart or graph in this regard.
What Makes Paxos Standart (USDP) Unique?
The Standart USDP at any time equals a dollar, as the dollar backs every USDP in a 1:1 ratio. You can utilize this currency to buy other cryptocurrencies or redeem it, as each Pax is equivalent to a dollar; after redeeming, the token will be burned immediately.
Is Paxos Standart Still Worth Buying?
Backed by the dollar and regulated by NY state financial service, it is safe to buy anytime, but it may yield long-term profits in the current market.
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